Branding Guidelines.

Welcome to our hub for partner guidelines and assets. We want to make it easy for you to integrate Spotify in your app while respecting our brand and legal/licensing restrictions.

Note that by using these resources, you accept our Developer Terms of Service. Usage of these resources may also be covered by the Spotify End User Agreement and our Privacy Policy.

Our Logo

We are very proud of our logo, and we require that you follow these guidelines to ensure it always looks its best. Our logo is the combination of a simple and modern wordmark with the icon.

Spotify Logo


In cases when the Spotify brand has already been established we simply use the icon on its own. While the icon can exist without the wordmark, the wordmark should never exist without the icon.
Icon Green
Icon Black
Icon Green on Black
Icon White on Green

The Spotify Green logo, pictured top left, is our primary logo colourway, and it should only be used with Black, White, and non-duotoned photography.

Please note: The Spotify green logo should only be used on a black or white background, for any other background you should use a monochrome logo.

  • The black logo should be used on light coloured backgrounds.
  • The white logo should be used on dark coloured backgrounds.

Exclusion Zone

The logo and the icon’s exclusion zone is equal to half the height of the icon (marked as × in the diagram).

Logo Exclusion Zone
Icon Exclusion Zone

Minimum Size

Establishing a minimum size ensures that the impact and legibility of the logo is not compromised in application.

Logo Exclusion Zone

The Spotify logo should never be smaller than 70px in digital or 20mm in print.

Logo Exclusion Zone

The Spotify icon should never be smaller than 21px in digital or 6mm in print.

Logo Misuse

It is important that the appearance of the logo remains consistent. The logo should not be misinterpreted, modified, or added to. No attempt should be made to alter the logo in any way. Its orientation, colour and composition should remain as indicated in this document — there are no exceptions.

old stacked version of Spotify logo


Do not use the old stacked version of the logo.

Spotify logo with a gradient applied to the icon


Do not apply a gradient to the icon or wordmark.

the Spotify logo rotated


Do not rotate the logo.

the Spotify logo in an unapproved dark green color


Do not change the logo colour or tone outside of the Spotify green.

the spotify logo with differently colored icon & wordmark components


Do not resolve the logo in two different colours.

a distorted copy of the logo


Do not distort or warp the logo in any way.

the wordmark without the icon


Do not use the wordmark without the icon.

an outline around the logo


Do not outline or create a keyline around the logo.

the Spotify logo represented with an incorrect typeface


Do not change the typeface nor recreate or manipulate the wordmark and the icon.

Our Colours

Spotify has always been green, and that won’t change. While embracing a much more colourful language in our brand communications, Spotify Green is our resting colour, used only in situations where the brand palette is not being used.

a circle in Spotify green

R30 G215 B96
C80 M0 Y80 K0

a white circle

R255 G255 B255
C0 M0 Y0 K0

a black circle

R25 G20 B20
C0 M0 Y0 K100

*Note that this green is darker than the green we use on the Spotify logo, which we refer to as light green. The green featured above is optimized for accessibility and legibility. Light green is only intended to be used with the official Spotify logo.

Rules with Colours

Spotify Green should only ever sit on white, black, or a non-duotoned photograph. Spotify Green will mostly exist in the app. Spotify Green should never be used as or with a colour from the brand palette, or a duotoned image.

a Spotify green circle on a background that is half black, and half white


Spotify Green on black or white.

a Spotify green circle overlayed onto an image


Spotify Green on an image.

Spotify green on other Spotify brand colors


Spotify Green on brand palette.

Spotify green overlayed on a duotone photograph


Spotify Green on duotoned image.

Use of Our Content

The content which is available through the Spotify platform is owned by many different rights holders. If you use that content you must comply with the rules set out in our Developer Terms of Service. If you use any Spotify metadata (including artist, album and track names, album artwork and audio preview clips) it must always be accompanied by the Spotify brand and links back to the Spotify Service as described in the Developer Terms. If you incorporate any streaming functionality, this must also include clear Spotify branding and comply with the additional limitations set out in the Developer Terms.

Rules with Album Art

Album artwork that is displayed correctly


Album artwork must be kept in its original form.

Album artwork cropped into a circle


Do not crop album artwork in any way.

Album artwork with an overlayed play button


Do not overlay images or text on top of album artwork.

Album artwork with superimposed logo


Do not place your brand or logo over album artwork.

Our Widgets

Add Spotify Widgets to your blog, website, or social page. We provide several widgets: Spotify Play Buttons and a Follow Button. Go to the Widget Builder to get the code and build your own!

Spotify Play Button Large

Spotify Play Button Small

Spotify Follow Button

Restrictions on Naming and Logos

Naming Your Application

If you are registering your application with us (on the Dashboard page) you will need to enter the name of your app. This name will be used in communications to your app’s users when you seek authorization to access their data. We have a few pointers to consider when naming your app:

  • It shouldn’t imply endorsement by Spotify, but suggesting to users that it is “for Spotify” is acceptable.
  • It cannot begin with “Spot” or be similar to “Spotify” in sound or spelling.

Your Application’s Logo

Your logo should not include, or look similar to the Spotify logo or any of its brand elements (e.g. Spotify green, the circle, and the waves). Please do not incorporate Spotify’s trademarks, in whole or in part, in the name of your company, product, application, service, or website.

No Pairing Brands

You should not use the Spotify brand together with any other brand or in any co-branded communications. Pairing of brands is not permitted under our Developer Terms.

Thank You!

If you are having trouble with anything in this guide, you are missing brand elements from the brand package, or you are unsure if your communication best represents the Spotify brand, please contact the Spotify design team at

For additional programming resources, check our Stack Overflow (tag: Spotify)