In his own words:

We are living in an increasingly digitised world but most of us barely have any background knowledge about digital processes. Due to the digital age streaming services gradually evolve. Music streaming services like Spotify massively changed the music industry and the musical behaviour of their users. Current studies show that the individual musical behaviour turns away more and more from criteria such as genre or artists. The once established criteria seem to get replaced by intelligent algorithms that work in the background. Spotify is for most of its users what you call a “black box”, which means that people without any expert knowledge are not able to understand what kind of processes are going on in the technical background of the application. This interactive data visualisation was created to make Spotify more transparent for its users.

Klangspektrum enables Spotify users to analyse their musical behaviour based on simplified algorithmically calculated song attributes. The user should be able to establish a relation between already familiar parameters such as songs and genres and the abstract song values. Metaphorically speaking the observer transforms into an algorithm to analyse their own music profile.

Awesome work Michael!

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