Klarafy ‘translates’ your favorite music into classical music.

How to get started listening to classical music? Klarafy is the answer, a web tool that was commissioned by Klara, Flanders classical radiostation.

Klarafy works on the credible premise that someone who likes loud, powerful metal is more likely to enjoy a loud and powerful piece by Wagner than soft and delicate piano music. So Klarafy seeks out the affinities, similarities or links between your favorite music and classical music. In order to perform the ‘translation’, Klarafy scans your Spotify playlist for three criteria: your favorite music genre, the prevailing musical mood and finally specific points of departure such as particular instruments, voice types etc.

Klarafy doesn’t just suggest compositions, it also explains why a particular piece was selected for you. This required a great deal of thought during the development process. In addition, all the works were chosen ‘manually’ by a team of music experts from Klara.

  • Submitted by: Bart De Bock
  • Company: FAMOUS
  • Tools used: Spotify Web API, Spotify Play Button

The Web API is used to get the users’ playlists and find the tracks that are in them. The Play Button is used to play the results.

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