The RunKeeper app keeps track of your workouts and motivates you to hit your fitness goals. Music is one of the top things that keeps you motivated on a run, and through RunKeeper you can directly connect to their Spotify playlists to listen while exercising.

On iOS, Spotify Premium users can fire up Spotify music right from the RunKeeper start screen. All your favorite playlists are just a click away, plus Spotify will be serving up its top workout playlists so you can listen to full songs, all without having to leave RunKeeper.

To connect RunKeeper with Spotify just update your iOS RunKeeper app, open Spotify, and connect the two via the RunKeeper Settings > Apps, Services & Devices feature.

On the Start screen you’ll see a tab that says Add Music, from this screen just make sure that Spotify is selected & then press Select a Playlist. Here you’ll see your saved Spotify playlists as well as a new tab with suggested playlists.

RunKeeper uses the Spotify Web API’s Browse and Playlist endpoints.


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