Self-proclaimed “modern day rock star”, Kanye West has collaborated with everyone from JAY Z to Paul McCartney.

With his huge network, there’s an enormous library of artists just a stone’s throw away from Ye. But how short is that stone’s throw? Search for an artist and find out for yourself!

This website gets its name from the theory of ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ in which every pair of people on the planet are on average just six connections away from one another.

Starting with Kanye West, all of the artists he has featured with have a Kanye number of 1. Then those that have collaborated with them is 2 and so on. The Spotify web API is used to get the artists that have worked with a given artist and the play button is used to play snippets of the songs joining two artists.

  • Submitted by: Sunny Amrat
  • Tools used: Spotify Web API, Spotify Play Button

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