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About the SDK

The Spotify iOS SDK allows your iOS application to authenticate users, as well as interact and always stay in sync with the main Spotify application running on the user’s device in the background.

This SDK lets you offload all the complexity to the main Spotify application such as: playback, authentication, networking, and offline caching. This means you can focus on making your own user experience delightful.

Key Features

  • Lightweight SDK
  • Authentication
  • Always-in-sync Playback (via the Spotify main application)
  • Offline support *
  • Built-in networking, track relinking, and caching support

* Excludes calls to the Web API. User must initially authenticate your application, which requires an internet connection.


  • A deployment target of iOS 9 or higher is required
  • Architectures supported:
    • armv7, armv7s and arm64 for devices
    • i386 and x86_64 for the iOS simulator
  • A physical iOS device is needed to install the Spotify app. Learn more about building to devices.

Tutorial and Examples

We have a friendly Quick Start guide to help you set up your build environment and get started with the iOS SDK. It walks you through configuring your Xcode project, as well as authenticating users, connecting to the Spotify main application, and subscribing to player state changes.

Also, in the iOS SDK GitHub, you will find a Demo Projects/ folder containing numerous demo applications with full source provided to also help you build your first application with the iOS SDK.

API Documentation

The download packages includes comprehensive documentation of all API classes in the /docs folder. You can also read the documentation online.


Please report problems with this SDK through the public issue tracker on GitHub.

Authentication and Authorization

To use the Spotify iOS SDK, your application will need to get a user’s permission to control playback remotely first. We provide built-in support for this (as seen in the User Authentication section of the Quick Start), and additional scopes can be requested for making calls to the Spotify Web API.

Terms of Service

Note that by using Spotify developer tools, you accept our Developer Terms of Service.