GET https://api.spotify.com/v1/users/{user_id}

Request Parameters

Header Fields

Header Field Value
Authorization Required. A valid access token from the Spotify Accounts service: see the Web API Authorization Guide for details.

Path Parameters

Path Parameter Value
user_id The user’s Spotify user ID.

Response Format

On success, the HTTP status code in the response header is 200 OK and the response body contains a user object in JSON format. On error, the header status code is an error code and the response body contains an error object. If a user with that user_id doesn’t exist, the status code is 404 NOT FOUND.


curl -X GET "https://api.spotify.com/v1/users/tuggareutangranser" -H "Authorization: Bearer {your access token}"
 "display_name" : "Lilla Namo",
 "external_urls" : {
   "spotify" : "https://open.spotify.com/user/tuggareutangranser"
 "followers" : {
   "href" : null,
   "total" : 4561
 "href" : "https://api.spotify.com/v1/users/tuggareutangranser",
 "id" : "tuggareutangranser",
 "images" : [ {
   "height" : null,
   "url" : "http://profile-images.scdn.co/artists/default/d4f208d4d49c6f3e1363765597d10c4277f5b74f",
   "width" : null
 } ],
 "type" : "user",
 "uri" : "spotify:user:tuggareutangranser"

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user object (public)

Key Value Type Value Description
display_name string The name displayed on the user’s profile. null if not available.
external_urls an external URL object Known public external URLs for this user.
followers A followers object Information about the followers of this user.
href string A link to the Web API endpoint for this user.
id string The Spotify user ID for this user.
images array of image objects The user’s profile image.
type string The object type: “user”
uri string The Spotify URI for this user.