Spotify Connect for Home Audio

The Spotify Connect feature allows the Spotify app to act as a remote control for home audio devices.

The Spotify Embedded SDK makes it easy to add Spotify Connect functionality to a home audio device. The Spotify eSDK provides a compact binary; by integrating the Spotify eSDK with the firmware of a device you make it possible to discover and control playback on that device directly from the Spotify iOS, Android, desktop or web player app. Playback can also be controlled from your own hardware companion app as long (as the content links to a native Spotify app).

The binary takes care of all negotiation with backend Spotify services, including digital rights management and decoding. It delivers audio as a PCM stream ready for rendering by your device. To keep integration simple, the binary runs single-threaded.

Who is this great for?

  • As a device manufacturer you can integrate Spotify Connect functionality directly through the Spotify eSDK binary
  • As a platform provider you can integrate the Spotify eSDK binary into your own SDK


If you are developing a commercial integration (i.e. you are monetizing your app or product, and/or are you are incorporated) then please note that using Spotify’s tools will come with legal, licensing and technical limitations, and final approvals for commercial usage will always be left up to the discretion of Spotify and its partners.

To release a Spotify Connect enabled device to market you must

  • Have completed a successful Spotify Hardware Partner Application
  • Have a NDA & Evaluation Agreement with Spotify
  • Pass the New Product Application for each individual device or product range you create
  • Have your device certified by Spotify
  • Have a confirmed Distribution Agreement with Spotify

Let’s get started

Beginning Feb 1 2021, we are revising our criteria for accepting new partners for our Home Audio Partner Program. Please expect application review delays.

You now need to submit a Hardware Partner Application and give us at least a week to review your application.

Note: you will need to apply as a company, not an individual.

If you need to file a support question about your implementation, then you will need to to create or activate a JIRA account in our Spotify Connect for Home Audio Help Center.

FAQ Q. How do I get access to the new Developer Portal?
A. If you’re an existing partner, please fill out the User Registration Form Developer Portal user credentials setup and access the eSDK documentation. If you’re a brand seeking to be a partner, please fill in the Hardware Partner Application.

Q. I’m an existing partner who’s trying to submit a quarterly report, request a Premium code, or share marketing materials for approval. Where do I this now?
A. For marketing approvals, business and legal enquiries, quarterly report submissions and/or Premium code requests for development testing, please submit a ticket on our Partner Service Desk.

Q. How much does it cost to go through the Spotify eSDK certification process?
A. Spotify does not charge a fee to go through the eSDK certification process. Partners may incur costs for shipping the required products to the Spotify certification team for the certification phase.

Q. I lost access to my Jira account. How do I get access again?
A. You can contact us through Service Desk and we’ll help you reactivate your Jira account.

Q. I have support questions about my implementation of Spotify but I don’t have a Jira account and need to create one. How do I do this?
A. Please submit a Jira account creation request.

Please contact us if you have more business related questions.