This app is a slightly more advanced (and hopefully improved) version of The Set Listener.

To use, simply search for the artist you’d like to browse and click the concert you want to listen to. You’ll see the playlist as it will appear on Spotify, and Setify will let you know if any tracks from the setlist aren’t available or if there are covers. If you like the look of the playlist, save it to your Spotify library.

If you’re a Songkick user, there’s also the option to browse by your past events. To do that, click on the ‘Songkick Username’ search option, then type your username into the input and hit Go.

The key features are:

  • You can browse an artist’s entire history of shows, instead of getting just the most recent one
  • You can enter your Songkick username to see all of the concerts you’ve attended

And other helpful things:

  • You can share the setlists for other users to save
  • You can edit the title of the playlist before saving it
  • If the song isn’t available on Spotify, this app will let you know
  • If the song is a cover that isn’t performed by the searched artist, Setify will let you know, and you can choose to remove that song from the playlist

  • Submitted by: Lawrence Holmes
  • Tools used: Spotify Web API

First of all, the Spotify API /search endpoint is used to check which songs in the setlist are available on Spotify so that this information can be passed back to the user.

If the user is happy with the playlist, then the Spotify API will be used to create a new playlist for the user, and then to populate it with the songs from the setlist.

When this succeeds, a link to listen to the playlist will be displayed, taking the user to the Spotify app to enjoy their new playlist.

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